Venezuelan Electoral Tweetometer

Arduino+Processing device connected to twitter

With the death of President Hugo Chavez, presidential elections have been called, that will certainly prove decisive for the future of the country. The candidate of the government party: Nicolas Maduro, faces the opposition leader: Henrique Capriles. With them, Venezuela is divided into two irreconcilable sides, that vent their thoughts, criticisms and slogans in a hundred and forty characters.

The electoral tweetometer connects to twitter to monitor the names of both candidates. Whenever a match is found, the corresponding led lights up and the candidate’s face goes up. A device built with Arduino, comprising two servo motors, a pair of colored LEDs and an application developed in Processing.

It is a small game involving those who tweet the names of the candidates without them knowing they are playing, because when one of the two achieves a given number of twits, the tweetometer declares the winner and starts all over again. Is not politic a game in which we all participate, without being aware of it?

This project was part of the course Physical Device Programming of the Máster of Visual Arts and Multimedia at UPV, by Prof. Moisés Mañas, I thank him for his advice to build this little electronic toy.

The music video is courtesy of the talented Nacarid López.