Interactive Installation

@ouij@ explores the implications of death in the digital social networks context. The final destination of the content generated by all users who die, offers us an opportunity to remember the cultural devices that try to cross the gap between life and death. Even though I began this as a ludic project, this installation invites the spectator to think abaout the human legacy on the Internet.

I use an altered Parker Brothers ouija board that is continually signing twitter messages from users (celebrities and not) who are dead, keeping their last words alive and with us: the living. System activates with the presence of users around the table (or in front of it in another version).

@uij@ was developed in Processing, using the simpleopenni library for user interactions.

This piece was exhibited during the MIMAA 2012 Festival on October 5,6 (2012) in La Rambleta Valencia, on the Master AVM Showroom. Music for this project was produced by Nacarid Lopez.

As Sacramental, it’s part of my research on digital communities/networks and their relation with traditional objects.

MIMAA 2012

MIMAA 2012

@uij@ has been exhibited on:

Festival MIMMA 2012
UAMO Tour 2013